Osper is Encouraging Financial Freedom for Kids

New start-up company Osper, is building the world’s first bank for children. Looking back as kids, the Osper team remembers the days of saving their pocket-money in piggy banks for that certain something they really wanted. They believe it is these early experiences of handling our finances that shapes the way we deal with our money issues when we are older.

So they getting in there while kids are still kids, striving to give children the confidence to manage their money from an early age.

Having already founded youth organisations such as ShellsuitZombie and The Capture Collective , the small team are overflowing with creative ideas and positive incentives. Their fundamental aim is to empower young people to manage their own money and to build good habits early.

We will be following their story and can’t wait see what great ideas they come up with.



{1} Thought on “Osper is Encouraging Financial Freedom for Kids

  1. Looks to me like gohenry has already already done this and has a lot more functionality /kids teens ethos. Don’t get why this is special.

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