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Architecture 101 for Kids and Teens

I started to work online with students when, in 2015, someone from my daughter’s high school wanted to learn about co-housing but at the time I was out of the country. I had been teaching at her high school previously, working with a history teacher going through the periods from Mesopotamia through Egypt and to Rome, discussing how the social and political aspects of life affect how buildings are designed and what buildings are important to people in each time-frame.

The online class on co-housing worked out well for both of us and the demand increased over time. Now I offer online classes on a regular basis.

The sessions are made up of four one-hour video classes with activities to do between the meetings.

At the end of the class, the student has a set of drawings, sketches, scale drawings, a model and a greater understanding of the built environment. If the student is interested in moving forward in their exploration of architecture, we can do a succession of classes based on the student’s interest.

I am glad to discuss the classes further with a parent or guardian either by phone or a video chat via Google Hangouts. Sometimes it’s helpful for me to speak to the parent/guardian and student, answering questions and providing examples of what the class will be like.

For Homeschool Students

Recently I have been contacted by homeschool parents in Canada, the US and Europe registering their students for my online classes. The students and parents have been very pleased with my classes and because of that, I decided to expand my reach to homeschool parents and organizations around the country.

An option for homeschool students is having more than one student in a class participating online. With a parent present and the students in one location, the students can have an additional productive hour learning and work together with a parent available assisting the students with their drawings and models, after the formal class hour is over.


Essential Information
The Details

The fee for the four one-hour sessions for one student is $195 or the equal amount in euros and CAD and can be paid via TransferWise or Google Pay. If you decide to use Google Pay or TransferWise, steps on how to make a transfer will be provided.

If two or more students take the class simultaneously, the fee is $185 per student or the equivalent in Euros, Pounds or CAD.

The materials needed for the online workshops are:

Drawing paper. This can be newsprint, copy paper or other paper that is easy to obtain.
Graph/grid paper with 1/4″ squares.
Pencil and eraser
Cardboard: This can be poster board, cardboard cut from boxes or other material that is paper but has a stiffness and easy to cut with scissors.
Measuring tape
Glue or tape
Materials that are nice to have but not necessary:

Color pencils and markers.
Color paper
String and wire
Architect scale
Tape measure
Fabric scraps for the model
Paper towel and toilet paper tubes for the model

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Architecture 101 for Kids and Teens
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  • Architecture 101 for Kids and Teens



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