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Chi Combat System© - South Norwood

Chi Combat System© is not 'just' about punching and kicking - this is only one aspect of our programme to help your children develop into a successful healthy person now and in later adult life.

So what is it we can offer apart from Self Defence, Anti-Abductor Training and effective anti-bullying techniques? Chi Combat System© helps and improves your child`s power of concentration, self control, discipline, more self esteem, have a 'winning attitude' for exams (and in life), have a cardiovascular work-out and so promoting health, better behavior at home and in school and get mentally stimulated for 'positive thinking'.

This last aspect is very important if one sees the statistics that 1 in 5 people in Europe suffer from depression. WE TEACH A POSITIVE ATTITUDE - this way a powerful path can be built for the child`s later SUCCESS IN LIFE too!

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