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Scholastic Learn at Home: Ages 11-15

Day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking and growing.

When you've finished your journeys, you're ready for the daily reading quest!


- Day 1

Meet a teen changing how the world views disabilities in “Celebrating Differences.” 

- Day 2

Get to know a new canine companion in "Robot Dog vs. Real Dog." 

- Day 3

Travel back in time to meet the "Girl Hero of the American Revolution." 

- Day 4

Get a taste of the chemistry behind your favourite sweets in "Extreme Candy." 

- Day 5

Break out of an island prison in "Escape From Alcatraz." 

- Day 6

Separate fact from fiction on the Internet in "How To Fact Check The Internet." 

- Day 7

Explore an underground museum filled with eerie-looking rocks in "Glow in the Dark Mine." 

- Day 8

Travel back in time to meet a spy during the Civil War in "Spying on the South." 

- Day 9

See how a family-styled their house to look like a famous painting in "Brush With the Law." 

- Day 10

Take a thrilling journey up a mysterious mountain in "Climbing Skull Mountain" (fiction).

- Day 11

Measure goggles for your pet in "Protect Your Pets." 

- Day 12

Choose a side in a space debate: “Should humans go to Mars?” 

- Day 13

Banish stress like a superstar in "Secret Stress Busters of the Stars." 

- Day 14

Meet Noah Carver, an unstoppable 15-year-old in "Nothing Holds Me Back." 

- Day 15

Join the big debate on drones in "Invasion of the Drones."


Scholastic Learn at Home: Ages 11-15

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