Entrepreneurship, Coding and Financial Literacy; Life Skills your Children Aren’t Learning

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Trigonometry, Shakespeare, and cheerleading are all interesting, but they won’t set your child apart where it matters most. While you can’t do much to change what kids learn in school, you can start teaching them life skills such as Entrepreneurship, Coding, and Financial Literacy from a young age. Luckily for you, there are many online classes to help you as you begin this journey of raising independent and indispensable members of society.

Importance of Financial Life skills

1.     Financial independence

According to Metro, the UK should expect a significant fall in GDP, which could result in over 2 million job losses. While the economy goes up and down, companies are hiring fewer people, thanks to digital migration and budget cuts. With this in mind, kids of the future will need to brace themselves with skills that will help them thrive in a place where unemployment is low.

Only a child with entrepreneurship and digital skills will survive. You can start small with things like teaching them how to charge for services, putting up a lemonade stand, and garage sales. From a young age, the child can earn $5 from walking the dogs, raking the leaves outside, washing the car, and such chores that are not in the to-do list.

2.     Adaptability

Speaking of digital skills, coding is no longer a niche skill though it’s not taught in grade school. It helps students understand STEM subjects better and apply them effectively. Computer programing enhances other essential life skills like logical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and communication skills.

 In a world where computers will do everything, every child must know how to communicate with them. Even jobs like teaching, medicine, and fashion are going digital, so you will be doing your child a favor by exposing them to programming early.

3.     Financial management

The biggest problem we see with kids who start earning big bucks when they are in their 20s is poor financial management. Kids are buying sports cars and taking monthly vacations on their credit cards without knowing they will end up in debt.

Financial literacy is a core skill that incorporates saving, delayed gratification, investing, and only spending what you have. You can let the child save their monthly allowance to buy those Jordan’s they want instead of buying for them. You can also charge them interest when they borrow money to do something so they can learn how debt works.

Following the regular school curriculum is vital because exams will come sooner or later. However, this forced holiday and other summer holidays bring an opportunity for kids to learn essential life skills at home, online, and through enjoyable summer camps with other kids. has engaging online classes for kids that will help them keep up-to-date with their school work. This is a homeschooling project that’s idea during quarantine or any other time.


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