Fun with your kids this SUMMER?

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Summer is finally here! and yes you can still have fun and entertain your kids during these uncertain times. 

According to the New York Times, here’s a funny thing about this summer: “it is long, it is also hot, this one comes in the middle of a global pandemic, but that doesn’t matter even in a changed and changing world, we have reserved these tips for you! to help you make this season unforgettable in an amazing way.”


Home Camping 

A fun way to entertain yourself in the summer is camping at home. You can set up a tent on the patio or in the garden and replicate an excursion just like you would going camping.

In addition to spending more time outdoors, camping on the patio or in the garden will allow your children to animate their imagination since they can camp anywhere, real or imaginary, and create their own world. 

Stroll and Explore

Going with the children for a walk is another activity that is simple yet very fun, whether you are walking through new places or going the usual way. Let the children explore, observe, and be free. They will find a way to turn the trip into a new experience every day.

Soap Bubbles

Children of all ages absolutely love soap bubbles. This, in addition to requiring the refinement of interesting skills to be able to create them, has many possibilities: try to make huge bubbles, remove thousands of tiny bubbles, pile up bubbles, recycle bubbles, run after the bubbles to explode them and more!

Soap bubble toys are inexpensive, playful toys that spark children’s creativity, as well as stimulate movement, observation, and the development of many skills. 

Set up a treasure hunt

Treasure hunts are easy and depending on how many items there are, it could last a while. Hide anywhere from 10 to 20 items around the house or outside to keep kids busy and happy for a few hours. 

Cook fun things together

Cookies, cakes, brownies, ice-cream, gummies. Anything! is a great lesson in measuring, ingredients, and of course, making delicious goodies.

You can find easy recipes all over the internet, however, you can be creative and boost your kid’s imagination by making up a recipe as you go along! 

And Last but not least…

My Kidsy is also a great space where you can find numerous activities to educate and entertain your little ones during this time! Don’t hesitate and start enjoying the My Kidsy website!!!