Our Mission
myKidsy aims to provide innovative after school, weekend and holiday activities for kids. Our goal is to save parents’ time on planning, so you can engage in quality time with your children. But myKidsy is much more than just an activity finder. myKidsy helps parents steer their kids free time into educational fun. It is about finding the most novel and educational activities that go way beyond the music class in the neighbourhood. It is about helping parents of the new digital app economy find trusted courses that will incentivise and motivate their kids into hobbies and activities that will contribute to their further education and growth into becoming citizens of the future society: with empathy for nature, love for the arts and sciences and in touch with their bodies and being active.

What is myKidsy?
How do you tap into your child’s inner talents? Ever wondered what your kids might achieve if they engaged in original, thought-provoking, extra-curricular activities?

myKidsy.com offers innovative after school, weekend and holiday programmes for London based children. myKidsy provides time-poor parents with a comprehensive directory of fun and engaging courses – activities range from art-sessions with famous illustrators, film production, learning how to make robots fly, computer coding as well as an introduction to subjects as varied as philosophy, entrepreneurship and yoga.

Who is myKidsy for?
From parents to kids, myKidsy is the ultimate destination for family fun. Whether you are looking for an innovative activity for your child or your little one wishes to contribute their work of art or story, myKidsy is the platform for you!

We also love and thrive on hearing about your experiences while trying out various venues around London. Know of any secret child-friendly play areas? A nature park or art centre that offer free or exclusive classes for children? We want to hear all of your suggestions and experiences good or bad, so that we can create a community parents can trust and rely on.

mykidsy.com is a site dedicated to creating a global family of parents and children alike that will be able to share their experiences and suggestions with each other so that you spend less time inside, on a computer, and more time outside doing what you love most!

Contribute to myKidsy
From drawings and paintings, to stories and more, myKidsy is recruiting kids to share their inspirations, works and more. Kids work hard on projects and it deserves a space to shine. We’d love for your children to contribute and ee encourage children to get involved. We’d love for kids to interview people that they are curious about and engage their minds. For contributions, please email them to team@myKidsy.com

Why myKidsy?
We know you are busy, especially when juggling raising kids and working, or running a business. The days of struggling to entertain little ones are over. For working parents – mums in particular – it can be a difficult to find the time to research quality activities, clubs and events for children. By using the myKidsy resources you can feel confident you’ve located great activities for your kids. mykidsy.com combines the fundamental values of education and fun for children, providing basic knowledge and developing life learning experience in diverse areas such as art, music, entrepreneurship, science and much more. We do the research so you don’t have to!

This site is definitely not about parking the kids while you go to work or finding a place to leave them during weekends and holidays. myKidsy.com helps you find the best family days out, so that the whole family can enjoy spending time in exceptional child-centred surroundings filled with happy, active children.

myKidsy values
Founded by Yasmine Mahmoudieh, a working mother, myKidsy celebrates the family work-life balance and meets the practical needs of busy parents. We want to:

· Make fun happen by bringing together happy kids and relaxed parents in great places for good times!

· Give busy parents a guilt-free break by ensuring they have information about fantastic events and activities for their kids.

· Help parents enjoy time spent with their children and vice versa!

· Provide honest feedback on what’s out there, so that parents (and kids) can get a feel for classes, events and activities before committing to them.

· Ensure those organising excellent activities for children get the attention they deserve.

Our Mascot – Kidsy
Our cartoon mascot ‘kidsy’ was designed and created by the world known graphic designer Javier Mariscal who designed the Mascot for the 1992 Olympic Games, the mascot for the 2000 World Expo in Hanover among many others. The mascot will be your guide to all the events and secret spots in and around London!


About Yasmine Mahmoudieh
Yasmine Mahmoudieh is an internationally acclaimed designer and interior architect responsible for award-winning innovative design and architectural concepts for some of the world’s most outstanding luxury hotels such as the Kempinski hotel in Moscow, the Intercontinental in Berchtesgaden, the Radisson Blu hotel in Copenhagen and Berlin. She has also designed office complexes, shopping centres and private residences worldwide as well as on the interior concept of the Airbus A380 and the first design hotel for disabled people in the world.


“My vision for www.mykidsy.com is to deliver the most rewarding and novel activities that will prepare our children for the future and to get kids active and using their brainpower. We are already partnering with thought leaders and organisations such as Alan O’Donohoe from Raspberry Pi Jam to offer special educational coding events that go way beyond what is currently available.”


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