Keep kids busy with educational activities

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Here are some learning activities that are simple and fun for your child to try. These activities are totally free.

Dyson offered many resources for children that help them get to grips with the design process, introducing them to the reality of engineering.

They have created challenges specifically for children and these challenges are ideal to do at home. Discover the challenge cards for kids. 

Dyson has also created content for children in elementary and high school.

These resources help students use their hands and their heads to solve real-world problems. For more information, please click here!

“We want to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists and we want to do this by hands-on learning and experimentation.”

James Dyson – Chief Engineer

See our recent activities to make a paper skyscraper and create your own city

If you want to enroll your children to online architecture, please click here!

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