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Build your own spacecraft with NASA!

In this activity, you get to design the latest and greatest satellite.

How would you like to be the chief engineer for an important NASA mission? 

Your satellite could help study things happening on Earth, take pictures of planets in our solar system, keep an eye on our sun, or even find planets elsewhere in the universe!

Use your creativity!

You get to decide how to make your satellite—its all up to you. While you are building your satellite, though, keep in mind that your satellite must have a couple of basic things:


icon of a container Container: Your satellite needs some sort of container to hold all of the gizmos together and keep its instruments safe.
icon of a solar panel   Power Source: You will need something to give your satellite electricity so that it can run all of its high-tech gizmos. Solar panels or fancy batteries are two options.
icon of a instruments

Scientific Instruments: This is the why you launched your satellite in the first place! Instruments can take pictures of far away galaxies or planets right here in our Solar System, measure chemicals in Earth's atmosphere, or keep a close eye on our Sun's activity. It's your decision!

icon of a instruments Communication Device: You will need some way to communicate with Earth. Antennas (shaped like dishes or poles and rods) are a good way to do this.
Orientation Finder: Make sure you have something that lets your satellite know where it's pointed and which way is 'up.' Something that looks at the stars (a star tracker) or the sun (a sun tracker) would work.

To find out how to create an awesome spacecraft, click the Free button below!



Build your own spacecraft

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