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Make a topographic map!

A topographic map, or "topo map," is a way to show mountains and valleys on a flat piece of paper.

Topo maps are handy and necessary for many uses, including building roads and hiking trails in the mountains.

The map shows where the hills and valleys are and how steep they are.

Clay mountain slices and topo map                                                       Topo map maker

What you need:

  • A lump of clay or Play-Doh® about the size of a coffee mug. (Here is a recipe for making your own modeling dough).
  • Piece of cardboard or large tile on which to work the clay
  • Piece of dental floss, about 2 feet (around 60 centimeters) long 
  • Ruler 
  • Piece of plain, white paper
  • Long pencil
  • 2 toothpicks

What to do?

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Make a topographic map!

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