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February Half-Term - Holiday Science Activity Camp 2020 - Westminster

Every year the Mother Nature Science Activity Camp inspires thousands of budding scientists, during all school Holidays and even the half-term breaks at premium Partner School Venues.

Activity Week Programme

Science Whizz! – New Activities for 2020

This whizz-tacular 5-day camp is science expedition into the unknown and over the week your child will do 40+ science activities, exciting demonstrations, hands-on experiments, team games and fun quizzes.
Every Day includes: 4 indoor classroom-based fun, hands-on science sessions and 3 outdoor ‘Activity Playground Breaks’
Disclaimer: Please note the order of the Activity Week Programme is subject to change. The Hertfordshire office does 2 sessions per day due to their shorter day.  Should you wish to confirm the order of the Activity Week Programme at your camp venue; this will not be available until 1 week before the start of the camps.

Day 1: Science Mix!

The scientists are mesmerised by the science behind rainbows by looking through diffraction glasses before making their own take home rainbow paper! They then move on and investigate the excitement behind the centre of mass in which they will make their own Balancing Robot! We then look at the science behind rockets before making a balloon propelled rocket race across the room! The children then take part in fun, science-based quizzes!
Rainbow Paper! – We take a closer look at light and create our own shimmering, floating rainbows.
Balancing Robot! – We try some tricky balancing challenges, then test our theories with our own balancing robots.
Balloon Zoom! – As a team challenge, we race balloons using our knowledge of jet propulsion.
The Fun Zone – We re-cap the activities with quizzes and challenges designed to reinforce the day’s learning.
Super Slime! – Is it a solid or a liquid? Make your own slime and find out!

Day 2: Science Fun!

The Whizzes become designers and start off as chemists where they learn about the process of crystallisation before making their own crystal initials to take home! They investigate the power of static electricity and make their own Flying Static Animal! Staying on the topic of animals, the children are then challenged to make their own 3D Dinosaurs! The children then take part in a fun science workshop learning about amazing scientific facts!
Crystal Letters! – We examine crystal structures and start a crystal-growing experiment that you can continue at home.
Static Shock! – We learn the shocking truth about electricity and harness it to make a moving animal model.
Dino Discovery! – From Velociraptors to Tyrannosaurus Rex we unearth our favourite dinosaur details and make a 3D Dinosaur model.
The Fun Zone – We re-cap the activities with quizzes and challenges designed to reinforce the day’s learning.

Day 3: Science Blast!

On this day, the scientists have a fun session to see which Whizz has the best lung power by making their own floating Ball Game! Then we look at the surface of the Earth and also go deeper to see what is inside. We end this day with looking at animals on Earth and their food chain. They make a ‘Food chain Cup Stack’! The children take part in friendly word scrabbles and colouring challenges.
Hover Ball Game! – We challenge ourselves to keep the ball in the air using air pressure, then make a hovering ball blower.
Whole Earth! – We take a journey to the centre of the earth, build an earth model, then reveal the hidden layers within.
Food Chain Cup Stack! – What’s for dinner? We look at food chains and nets and build a stacking chain of our own.
The Fun Zone – We re-cap the activities with quizzes and challenges designed to reinforce the day’s learning.

Day 4: Science Slam!

The children are launched into a day of science fun where they start off with making their own movie with a simple take home zoetrope! Then we look more closely at the world of illusions before making a hummingbird spinner. Then we move on to investigate the science behind coloured dyes and make chromatography flowers!
In a Spin! – We take a look at a Victorian toy and discover the link to cartoons and films, then construct an eye-boggling Zoetrope.
Hummingbird Spinner! – We trick our eyes again and make a sweet hummingbird spinner to transform a still image into a moving one.
Chromatography Bouquets! – We see chromatography in action and create colourful flowers from just one colour!
The Fun Zone – We re-cap the activities with quizzes and challenges designed to reinforce the day’s learning.

Day 5: Science Wham!

We end the week by taking a look at the water cycle and making a water cycle model to see the effect of precipitation on Earth! Then we explore taxonomy or how to sort animals. There are 5 different groups and we will investigate them all. Then we look at our Fantastic Flying Fish – is it a bird, is it a fish, no it’s neither, it’s a plane!
Rain, Rain Go Away! – We show how all the water on earth is part of a great, big cycle and build a mini water cycle to observe precipitation – that’s rain!
MR FAB! – Animals can be classified into 5 groups – MR FAB has a taxonomy challenge for us to complete!
Flying Fish! – Is it a bird or a fish? No, it’s a plane! We investigate if a plane really needs wings to fly.
The Fun Zone – We re-cap the activities with quizzes and challenges designed to reinforce the day’s learning.

Essential Information
When : February Half-Term Holidays : Monday 17th to 21st February 2020

Timings : 9:00am - 3:30pm

Available Events and Tickets

February Half-Term - Holiday Science Activity Camp - Westminster
Saint Christina's School, 25 St Edmund's Terrace, NW8 7PY · View on map
Mon 17 Feb 2020, 09:00 - Fri 21 Feb 2020, 15:30
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  • Full week (5 days)
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