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Richard Weekes Chess Academy - Herne Hill

There is clear evidence to demonstrate that children who learn chess perform better in school, have improved calculating ability, are more imaginative, creative, and self-motivated. Did you know that chess and reading are decision-making activities.

Your child will learn the basic rules of chess and how the chessmen move and capture. Once they are comfortable with these concepts they’ll learn how to start a game and then be introduced to ‘check’ and ‘checkmate’ techniques to complete a game.  Lessons will be conducted using a ‘hang up’ demonstration board as this helps to encourage questions and discussions and also improves concentration, visualisation and focusing abilities.

I use chess to strengthen children’s minds as it’s one of the best games that develop logical, precise thinking. Children will get better at analysing problems and making choices.

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Richard Weekes Chess Academy
Heron Junior Chess, Half Moon Lane, Herne Hill, SE24 · View on map
Mon 09 Mar 2020, 17:30 - Tue 15 Dec 2020, 19:30
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  • Tuesday session fee - 5.30 pm - 7.30 pm



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